The Wandering Soul

Don't mind me. I'm just trying to find my calling here in the vast internet.

Some art (not mine), a song, and trolling.

Pretty self explanitory.


First up, one of my favorite dA artists drew Talonflame in his epic way that he does things.

Seriously. It's pretty freaking epic.


Secondly, music. This song has been stuck in my head for DAYS.

Streetlight Manifesto - The Hands That Thieve - YouTube


Alright, now with the little things over with, time for the reason blogs exist; saying things about life.

Right now, I'm typing this from my grandma's house which has wi-fi. And it's better than mine at home. Anyway, the reason I'm there is because my mom got a trip to Napa Valley as a graduation gift. She recently completed her masters in special education, with a 4.0 to boot. (So when I start college this fall, I've got that to contend with.) Due to this achivement, one of her good friends got her a flight to Napa and a tour of one of the wineries there. 

Now that's nice and all, but she was extremely panicky on the days before hand. Why? Simple.

She has a full blown case of aerophobia -- a fear of flying. So much so, in fact, that her doctor gave her a sedative so she could make it through the flight without having a panic attack. 

So here I am, getting texts every so often asking me if I'm okay and whatnot. One time I was sort of bored and I decided to have a little fun when she asked.

Mom: How's it going so far?

Me: Not well. They're attacking.

Mom: What?! who???


Mom: SERIOUSLY, WHO???? (yup, in all caps)

Me: The flying narwhals. They finally came. They're merciless killers; stabbing people with their horns,  shooting their rainbow lasers... The devastation is so widespread... I'm surprised I'm still alive.

Mom: Not funny!!

It was hilarious. I'm sure if she was beside me, I would have gotten a punch in the arm, but no matter. It was worth it. 





Stay awesome,


If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point. You have survived traumas, heartbreak, the different phases of life...

And here you are.

You go, person.

You're awesome.