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Tossing around another writing idea.

I realize that my current writing focus is on Pokémon: the Illusionist, but while I was laying in my bed in thought, I started to think of something else. Something not Pokémon related, or anything related for that matter. A straight up original story, with people.

The title for this idea is Craft.

Again, my problem is with names, but I’ll eventually get that sorted out. If I decide to run with this idea.

Anyway, the idea for this one is the main character, a guy in his early twenties and attending college, is at a loss. He has nightmares from time to time, and he realizes one day that part of his mind is stuck in the past. The only way to calm the feelings is to utilize his craft; drawing. On books, on paper, on desks… anything. One day while going about and managing his entries on his favorite art website , the non-copyright-infringing creativeWORKS (or I could do dA…), a user catches his attention. She claims that his works seem familiar somehow. A few conversations later, they became friends. However, he doesn’t know that the cyber-friendship could lead to him tearing himself apart. It could send him back to the depression he suffered when he was younger as memories of his past, and a few in particular, begin to resurface for some reason. And it could change the rest of his life.

I also have a cover planned already.

So, yeah. Any comments about it? Interested at all? It was just a simple idea, but I could build on it. The main problems I'm having with it are names (of course) and point of view. I might switch it up from my first-person in the Illusionist to third in this one.

I don’t know. It's still in it's baby stages.




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