The Wandering Soul

Don't mind me. I'm just trying to find my calling here in the vast internet.


Yes, yes. It's high time I got back on the blogging train instead of wasting my time announcing streams. Because there's been things happening in life. Perhaps I don't have much to say on a daily basis anymore, but there are still things happening.

Firstly, I would just like to point out that yes, I am indeed alive, for those of you following me here and only here. If you were to follow/stalk me anywhere else, though, you'd notice that I am actually quite active. 

Secondly, I do read other people's blogs still. It's sort of a daily thing that I do. I just don't always comment. And I've noticed that I've also been lacking in commenting on other people's stuff. Which they seem to like. So I'll try to do that more, maybe just throwing my two cents in there or something.

Thirdly, an announcement on streaming. Yes, yes. I'm well aware that I haven't done anything for a few weeks, stream wise. But that will all change this week. This Saturday, 10/26, usual time. (10:00pm CST) And we're getting spoopy with this one. Or, at least trying to.

Alright, with those announcements over, time for some life stuff. Which you may or may not be interested in.


So, college. Many of you know I'm in it. And so far, it's been going somewhat well. However, it is taking up a lot of my free time. Ever since college started, I haven't read a single book that isn't related to any of my classes. And this is making me sad, as there are a few books on my list of books-to-read. But I DO (somehow) manage to have time to draw, if only for a bit. Which is why progress on some drawings are crawling. (Sorry Southpaw) 
Also, on the topic of college, I've had my first string of mid-terms AND my first college final. Jeez, can you believe it's been eight weeks already? I know I can't. It went by so incredibly fast. I barely had time to smell the roses. Anyway, I did say final, too. Now, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have a MASSIVE hole in my schedule, as I'm pretty much done at 9am. Those will be the "get shit done" days, I've decided. Be it homework, studying, chores, art, or otherwise, I'm going to do things. Hopefully.


Next on the list of updates... Well, I guess I can say that I decorated for halloween the other day. Put some spider webs up over the yard light and railings up the stairs. Funny thing, though; I saw a spider crawl into one of the fake webs. Hey, maybe some of the real stuff will be mixed in. You never know. 

I've also got some glowing eyes in a window and a bag of skulls hanging on the yard light, which glows orange. Looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. I'm considering re-making some pages from Slender and place them around the yard, but that fad might be over. Not as scary as it was a year ago. 


So, yeah. I think that's about it for today. I'll try to post more stuff here. (It's just that my life is a bit boring and not a lot of things happen heheh)





Stay awesome,



If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point. You have survived traumas, heartbreak, the different phases of life...

And here you are.

You go, person.

You're awesome.