The Wandering Soul

Don't mind me. I'm just trying to find my calling here in the vast internet.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Say goodbye to 2013, and let's welcome in 2014.


Now what is this entry about? Simple, really. Just a reflection on the year 2013.

Now let's begin, shall we?


Without the faintest doubt in my mind, 2013 has been eventful. Both good and bad. Of course, the start of the year was nothing special. Just me and my senior year of high school, helping build the set and working the lights on the last musical production of my high school career. Which was a hell of a production, let me tell you. Anyway, several more weeks of high school and, before I graduated, I got an acceptance letter from the college I applied to.

I honestly wasn't as excited as some people were.

So, then I graduated from high school. I had to say goodbye to a few friends as well as some of my favorite teachers. Which is always a sad thing to do.

Then came summer. Oh, the summer of 2013. Alas, that was around the time I joined this place. Right after Flipnote closed its doors.

And, to be honest, that's where everything began.

The latter part of this year was awash with new experiences; recognition, people commenting on the things I say and do. I've never really had that happen to me before, even on... Well, anywhere really. And something else happened too. I started to get a whole bunch of friends. Again, something unexpected. But really, really... Awesome. I felt genuinely happy. I had people to talk to now. (Not that I don’t irl, but still. It’s a good feeling.)

And then college started. Which was… Interesting. It was definitely different than high school, and there are plenty of things that they don’t teach you there that you have to learn yourself. Which begs the question, “Why isn’t there a class on life?”

Probably because it’s as complex as a 20 sided Rubik’s cube.

In any case… After about August, it was really just talking to my new friends from then on. Sure, some may have come and gone, but overall… It’s honestly a lot more social interaction then I get here beyond this screen and keyboard. And I feel like that’s the same for many, many people. But I wasn’t a part of it until now. So that’s cool.


Sure, there may have been some bad things. Like how my little brother broke his ankle in gym class AGAIN and how my father likes to be a little bitch, but I don’t see any reason to hold these silly things to heart.

In the end, I have so much to be happy about.

In the end, I have no reason to be sad.

In the end… One simple set of keystrokes at the beginning of June has effectively changed my life.


And on that note, I’d like to wish all of you a happy new year, and best wishes on making 2014 a great year full of fond memories.

Stay awesome, my friends.



If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point. You have survived traumas, heartbreak, the different phases of life...

And here you are.

You go, person.

You're awesome.