The Wandering Soul

Don't mind me. I'm just trying to find my calling here in the vast internet.


Forgot how to blog for a bit there. My appologies. The only problem is... I haven't a clue what to blog about. See, when I think of the word "blog," I think of a nice wall of text that has a lot of content about... something. 

And I don't have a something.

Well, I kind of do. I mean, I could rant about a few things. I feel as though everyone could. The problem is that the things I would rant about would make people feel all sad after reading it. And I don't want to make you feel sad. 

So here I sit, contemplating what I could talk to you kind people about. 


[contemplation space]


Well, here's what I've come up with:
1) Chat. Here. I guess. 

2) Ask me some questions, be it about myself or something else. Don't be intimidated by the deep questions, just ask me something. If you want.

3) Post the rant(s) anyway, if you're okay with it.

4) Actually, I have no four. :/




But I'll still tell you to stay awesome;


If you are reading this, you have survived your entire life up until this point. You have survived traumas, heartbreak, the different phases of life...

And here you are.

You go, person.

You're awesome.